Portable Folding Trolleys & Collapsible Hand Carts

Tired of looking for a hand trolley at the marina?

Tired trolleys being too heavy and cumbersome when you do finally lay your hands on one?

Tired of return trips?

You need an easy Kart to help you move ALL your gear?

Useful strong and durable hand carts for a wide range of situations:

Kart It is the hand trolley for you!
Easy to Manage and Portable
Easy Storage - Simply Folds Away
Light and Durable Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Huge 100 kgs Carrying Capacity *
Removable Wheels
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
* Tested Under Lab Conditions
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  • Boats & Yachts
  • Caravan & Camping
  • Apartments
  • Trades People
  • Sports Equipment
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Kart It Trademark and Patent
Pat: 2008100193
TM: 1198126