Stainless Steel Carts & Powder Coated Hand Trolleys

All Karts come with 4 Breezeway carry bags & rain cover

Powder Coated Large KartPowder Coated Large Kart
Powder Coated Medium KartPowder Coated Medium Kart
Stainless Steel Large TrolleyStainless Steel Large Trolley
Stainless Steel Medium TrolleyStainless Steel Medium Trolley
  • The large kart will hold up to 100 kgs or 220 lbs and has a capacity of 2.9 cubic m or 9.8 cubic ft.
  • The medium kart will hold up to 60 kgs or 110 lbs and has a capacity of 1.8 cubic m or 6.2 cubic ft.
  • The large trolley only weighs 9.2 kgs and the medium only 8 kgs.
  • The fold flat kart will pack down to only 10% of its opened size for easy storage in your boat's galley or under the bunk.