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Kart It Frequently Asked Questions

Are all components stainless steel on the stainless steel Kart, including all of the nuts, bolts and washers?
Yes all parts are 304 grade stainless steel except for the wheels.

Are the wheels on the stainless steel Kart completely plastic and do the tyres pump up?
The wheels of both folding trollies consist of a plastic rim with solid rubber tyres. They do not pump up.

Is the rope that connects the Kart to the frame strong?
Yes it is double braided marine rope used for halliets and sails.

Does the canvas bag on the trolley tear when fully loaded?
The canvas does not tear unless you put something sharp hard up against it or subject it to continuous rubbing against concrete or gravel surfaces when pushing. However, the bag is reinforced with seat belt heavy-duty webbing on the bottom, top and sides.

Is the stabilizing leg closest to you when pushing?
On the 'User Guide' supplied with your folding Kart shows that the leg should be on the side that you push from. As you push the leg towards the ground pushing the trolley Kart forward a few inches the leg then opens against itself giving you stability to load that side of the Kart first before loading the other end.

Do you make a smaller trolley as I have a small boat and not a large locker area?
You should be able to store either sized folding Kart in even the smallest boat. It was designed so that the wheels could be removed and packed away in the internal zipper compartment. This allows The Kart to be stored under the bunk or cupboard of any sized boat or yacht.

Is the powder coated Kart as strong as the stainless steel Kart?
Yes all of the trollies are extremely strong. They all have the same features except that the powdered models may corrode and rust in the harsh marine environment. Please select the model that best suits your requirements.

Can I get spare parts for my Kart or Trolley if it gets damaged?
Yes you can order spare parts for your karts.

If I order more than 1 (one) folding kart can I save on the shipping and handling costs?
Yes, freight for each additional collapsible trolley ordered at the same time is only $15.00 incl GST (Australian Orders Only)

Is there a Retail Store I can see the product at?
No other than a small number of chandleries or marina shops. However we are offering agents the opportunity to build a home based business.

What is the Zip Compartment used for?
The zipper compartment is handy for safeguarding any small items including the wheel bags, shopping bags etc.

Is the Zip Compartment water tight?
The zipper compartment for the trolleys will keep items dry but is not a water proof enclosure.

Which is the front of the Trolley?
The front of the kart is the opposite end to the Zipper Compartment and contains the logo.

Kart It Lab Test FAQ

  1. The Kart was developed and tested under yachting conditions for 2 years throughout Australia.
  2. In those 2 years consistent weight from 70 to100 kgs was used.
  3. Items carried in the Kart over various trips include:-
    • 8 Slabs (12 cans) of beer (Large Kart)
    • $800 worth of groceries (Heaps of shopping bags loaded with food and groceries)
    • 8hp & 15hp outboard motors
    • Sail wardrobe
  4. Within 24 months the wheels were upgraded to a larger size, which are currently being used.
  5. The bag was changed on one occasion and then reinforced with webbing due to scraping on the ground.
  6. Tie ropes were never changed.
  7. The Kart is now exported to Europe with other countries coming soon.